Jul 15

The Benefits Of Doing An MBA In Fashion Designing In India

IMG_9591Fashion Designing is a very big business today and renowned institutes all over the world are offering various graduate and post graduate courses in this popular field.  The courses cover an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of fashion like technology, management, designing, merchandising, journalism and fashion marketing.

The eligibility quotient

The minimum qualification required to apply for an MBA in Fashion Designing is a Bachelors degree in any stream from any reputed educational institute.  But the most important factor that gets you in is your ability to draw and your creativity.  It helps to create a portfolio of your sketches, especially object-drawing, that gives an idea of your drawing talent, your ability to visualize proportions and your creativity.

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Jul 10

The Most Flexible Fashion Outfit for Men

2924407bc71909e74d13a238a4d2170bSherwani is an Ideal marriage clothing for the bridegroom, which enhance the look and confident of the bridegroom. The store is an ideal place to shop for men’s wedding Sherwani. Here, you can choose from a variety of designs, shades and materials get wealthy designs for The Sherwani. They recognize the elegant substance of cultural wear and endeavor to fit in that smear into the wedding Sherwani for men. At online shops, you will find the best marriage designer sherwanis that are of the best shades and will fit men of every size and skin structure. On ones perfect conventional Sherwani for a marriage, which is available right here in every size and shades.

According to the choice of the person wearing them, wedding Sherwani can be padded with gemstones or semi-precious rocks. Today, you can easily get Wedding Sherwani studded with gemstones like pokhraj, manak and neelam in on the internet markets.

We know that finding the right Sherwani can take a considerable time and crushing which is why online has developed filtration options in more detail, so you don’t have to spend your time and effort browsing through websites continually.

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Jul 05

Fashion Tips on How to Dress Your Body Shape

Plus-Size-Fashion-How-To-Dress-For-Your-Body-TypeThe first step to looking your best in your clothing is to know your specific body type and apply certain fashion tips accordingly. Not all trends, designs, colors and fabrics flatter every figure, so it’s essential to be able to steer clear of fashions that don’t do your figure any justice.

Dressing Your Body Type Correctly

While it may be tempting to buy clothing for the figure you wish you had, the fact is that you should dress the body you have in the best way possible. Arguably, all women have an area on their body that they aren’t too happy with, which is fine, but just remember that even your perceived flaws can be dressed to look pretty nice by choosing the right clothing for your body type. Be honest with yourself; if you have a bit of a tummy, don’t buy something extra clingy in that area and think that you can hold your stomach in the whole time you wear it. Fashion should be comfortable; if it’s not, you won’t feel as confident, and confidence is always the most important thing to wear.

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Jun 30

Get into Fashion with Designer Ocean Waves Sunglasses

a4dd905c4c88bb36225a8f50732caa61If you take on life at warp speed and enjoy outdoorsy adventures, Ocean Waves sunglasses are definitely for you. The company is an authority when it comes to eye protection, comfort, and performance, with frames designed and built to withstand all kinds of rugged pursuits, while keeping you comfortable for hours on end. They specialize in polarized sunglasses, which are best known for reducing the amount of light that penetrates the eye and eliminating glare and potentially harmful UV light from damaging your eyesight. Polarization rearranges the light that hits your sunglasses, eliminating vertical glare from reaching your eyes.

More than their fashionable designs, people love Ocean Waves because of their advanced polarization technology, allowing improved outdoor performance for all their products. Ocean Waves sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. Their unique lens construction blocks UV light up to as much as 420 manometers, which is about the best UV protection you will find on the market today. Sunglasses that offer UV protection helps prevent eye fatigue and excessive squinting, which is a primary cause of crow’s feet. Eye strain from too much UV glare can also cause massive headaches and macular degeneration, which is why it is best to find eye protection that offers good UV blocking features.

An engineering masterpiece, Ocean Waves’ unique laminated lens design not only offers the best in eye protection and overall eye comfort but offers the clearest distortion-free vision out of the different types of sunglass lenses available in the market. These lenses use vacuum coated mirrors that feature 12 separate coatings that enable them to produce utmost consistency and visual clarity. Coatings are anti-reflective and have the ability to absorb glare and UV light bounce-back. Front and back lens coatings also make the sunglasses scratch resistant and extremely easy to clean.

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Jun 15

A new online site for latest fashion and trends

SmockedGlamkart have just taken a big step forward in all your lifestyle and fashion needs,  being India’s one of the leading e-commerce store for lifestyle and fashion products, we aim to provide better shopping and hassle-free shopping experience across the country with a wide range of products and brands on its portal.  We are striving hard to bring the power of fashion to electronics with a wide range of the trendiest and latest products available in the country.

Glamkart’s value proposition is totally based on the consumers ease and power of purchasing lifestyle and fashion products online. Offerings like 100% authentic products, largest in – season product catalog, easy returns and COD option make Glamkart, the preferred online shopping destination in the country. A dedicated customer care connect team is there 24/7 for making online shopping easier and pleasurable for you.

Glamkart understands the shopper needs and caters to them with a choice of home furnishing like bed and bath, fashion clothing for men, women and kids, sports, gifts, music, accessories and electronics.  Some of the recently introduced labels are also available only at Glamkart.com

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